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Corinthians-x-Cruzeiro agosto

Corinthians vence Cruzeiro e segue na liderança do Brasileirão 2015

No último domingo (23),na Arena Corinthians o time da casa recebeu mais de 41 mil torcedores para acompanhar Corinthians x Cruzeiro pela 20.rodada do Campeonato Brasileiro 2015.Vale ressaltar que foi recorde de público na Arena e o time não decepcionou.
O Timão abriu o placar com o Vagner Love que não marcava um gol há 53 dias,depois;Jadson fez o seguindo e Love em tarde inspirada marcou o terceiro para o Time do Povo e saiu aplaudido de pé e ovacionado pela torcida.
O jogo foi equilibrado e a Raposa deu muito trabalho ao goleiro Cássio que fez grandes defesas.Mesmo com a pressão,o Corinthians se mostrou superior e mereceu a vitória.
O time de Wanderley Luxemburgo não vem de bons resultados e subir na tabela é o maior desafio do treinador.
O técnico Tite,exaltou a atuação de Love e afirmou na coletiva que o atleta merece todo o carinho e respeito da torcida pelo trabalho e profissionalismo.
O Corinthians começa a superar as perdas de Guerrero e Emerson Sheik,mas o desmanche do time do Cruzeiro de 2014,ainda faz toda a
diferença no elenco e na tabela do Brasileirão 2015 para o time das Minas Gerais.

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  • 3 anos atrás

    How I have loved reading each and every post here! This is like one big encrnoagemeut fest! I am seeing that some of these posts maybe were started in discouragement and by the time they were finished, some renewed strength and hope had come. It is good to share, to open our hearts and see what is there. I am passionate about homeschooling because I see that it is God’s way of giving me stronger and deeper relationships with my kids. (Oh and then there’s the little side aspect of being personally refined daily and learning to lean on Him .but I’ll save that for another post!) I really believe that if I was carting them all off to school each day, and they were each involved in their own things, I would not know them very well at all. Maybe it is my Relator strength, but I need lots of time with someone to build a strong relationship with them. I am also rather task oriented, and an introvert. The need to get them to and from school each day, homework, deadlines, projects, friends, AHHH! I am starting to twitch just thinking about it all. I am so glad that I am typing this out. I don’t think I had ever purposely stated why I am passionate about homeschooling. This is good, because just because I have this passion, does not mean that I am purposeful about how I walk it out each day. I may have to take a cue from Tracey and spend some time just watching my kids, being with them, enjoying them, laughing with them on purpose. Aimee and Mary, I can also relate in regards to the family situations you grew up in. Learning how to mother in a new way, is still a challenge for me. I kept getting frustrated because I could not look to my own childhood as a reference in a lot of areas, but now see that as a gift. There are many good things I can be so thankful for and build on in my own family. But the other stuff, I can learn to leave behind and grow into the mother God is making me to be. Aimee, I just have to quote you here because I so felt and am joining you in this heart cry. And yet because I have asked Him for help in this area in the past, the Lord (my TRUE example of a parent) has provided opportunity upon opportunity recently for me to TRUST Him to work through me and work it out , and I have purposely avoided it out of fear.It is amazing to me how I can ask Him to teach me and help me, and yet what I really want is for him to just “fix me” without the opportunity to really work it out in a real life scenario. Today in my prayer time, in my crying out to God about these difficult “teaching” days, HE so very gently reminded me that relationships are why I homeschool. He has allowed the opportunity to homeschool my children to complete in me a part of my character I have so desperately cried out for. I needed to START there. Where there is compassion and relationship the “teaching” will follow.My children are not the only ones learning and growing in our homeschool, their mom is too. And its all because of HIM. Amen, sister, Amen!


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